I have been coming to Joyce's sessions for about 5 years and, although at first I was unsure if they would be of any benefit, I soon decided they would. The first half of voice exercises and scales is a good way to develop one's voice. The second half help one to gain confidence by encouraging each student to sing solo. It's a happy and supportive group. (Hazel)

Whether you think you are tone deaf or have been singing for years Joyce will provide a safe and enjoyable environment where her sensitivity and excellent teaching and accompanying skills will enable you, however nervous you my feel, to be brave and just sing! (Rosemary)

Always positive and smiling, Joyce is a thoughtful and caring individual. I have made a great deal of progress over the last ten years, especially from performing in front of the class and also from the concerts that Joyce occasionally arranges for her students. Vocally I have improved tremendously thanks to Joyce. You really do find your voice! (Pauline W)

It is three years since my first Friday morning session with Joyce. The first solo I performed I was literally shaking in my shoes but with the support and positive attitude of Joyce and the other students I now thoroughly enjoy performing the solo I have chosen for that week.  At the end of the solo Joyce will summarize all the positive points and also advise on any areas which could be improved upon. We all have a voice and all voices are different. Finding your voice and improving it is fun and very satisfying. (Pauline D)

I first came to FYV four years ago in fear and trepidation about singing solo in front of people.   I need not have worried.   Every person in the class, irrespective of ability, is encouraged and helped to fill their potential.   Joyce is a delight, talented both as a musician and a teacher. (John )

Joyce is very professional and an approachable tutor.   She has endless patience and is able to teach technicalities whilst making the lessons fun.   Members of the class are very supportive to each other regardless of skill level or experience.   It is a very friendly environment and excellent value for money. (Anon)

Find your Voice has a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.   Joyce's advice is always given as a friend and is always constructive and positive.   Following her advice is bound to make amazing improvements in your singing voice and confidence in your performance.   Give it a try - singing is believing (Becky )

I have thoroughly enjoyed my five years coming to the weekly class at FYV. I now realise the importance of the regular practise of scales and voice exercises in order to improve, just like training for any physical sport or hobby.   The informal group classes are also very helpful to settle one's nerves if you are afraid of performing solos - all without peer pressure!   I think we are very lucky to have Joyce as our tutor.   She is extremely professional in every aspect.

 Joyce Tindsley - the consumate teacher (Arthur)

Far and away the best feature is that, although the range of ability inthin each group is wide, when singing solo each member receives the same applause.   Not because it is a "House rule" but because it is such a friendly occasion.   Joyce provides top quality ingredients and the students provide the warmth to make the cake rise! (Michael)